Nasr Ahmad Bhatti


Nasr Bhatti is a young writer and researcher. He has written articles on tourism and explored new tracks around the Northern Pakistan via , recently he had an interview at a famous radio channel from Lahore about his contribution in tourism. Locally known as ‘’Bhatti Sahib”, Mr. Nasr Bhatti is working hard to promote the tourism at Neelam valley AJK. He has explored three more lakes in Neelam valley and brought into the limelight.

He has been raising his voice for public rights on every platform and has always played a positive and pivotal role in resolving these issues. He s been visiting Neelam valley since 2005 and calls the second home. As well as he has worked with Khurram Jamal Shahid to accommodate the destitute people living at the remote and peripheral areas of Neelam valleys.

He can be reached at

[email protected]